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Almost six months will have passed between Germany’s parliamentary elections on 24.09.2017 and the results of the SPD’s members’ poll on 04.03.2018 – six long months that have included the collapse of talks to form a Jamaica coalition (between the CDU/CSU, the liberal FDP and the Greens) and a complete U-turn from the SPD, which quickly abandoned its opposition to another Grand Coalition (GroKo). Now, with the potential GroKo partners …


Whichever way you look at it, the number of new apartments being built in Germany is staggering. Does this mean that the shortage of housing in Germany’s major cities will soon be a thing of the past, or that prices and rents are about to fall? The truth lies somewhere beyond the headline figures. Housing: Construction Boom The cityscapes of Germany’s biggest cities are not defined by the kinds of skyscrapers …