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Welcome to the Capital Language Solutions Blog!

4. June 2015

Welcome to the Capital Language Solutions blog! As translators, teachers and social media specialists, our lives are all about communicating successfully, conveying information effectively and engaging in intercultural dialogues.

That’s why my partner, Richard Mayda (Los Angeles, US) and I, Sebastian Taylor (Birmingham, UK) set up Capital Language Solutions. As the world gets more connected, people are communicating across borders as never before. We are here to help you make those connections as eloquently and precisely as possible.

We will be using this blog to share ideas and experiences, provide insights into the work we do and connect with other translators and teachers in Berlin and beyond. Our regular blog posts will

  • take a detailed look at some of the challenges faced by German to English translators,
  • explain the approach we take at Capital Language Solutions, and
  • delve into some of the intriguing language points we face on a regular basis.

We really hope that you find the topics we cover interesting and would love to hear your feedback, comments or questions.

To get things started, head over to our first post!

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