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Mietpreisbremse—putting the brakes on In this second article on the German housing market, we’re going to examine the recent Mietpreisbremse (rental control/cap, literally “rental brake”) legislation and see how it ties in with the Mietspiegel from part one. If you are an investor, landlord or tenant in one of Germany’s major cities, you are probably going to feel the impact of this new law sooner, rather than later. As …


The Mietspiegel—A funhouse mirror? There is a great deal of interest in Germany’s housing markets from overseas’ investors and there are a large number of non-German speakers living in the country, particularly in major cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg. Germans have a long-standing preference for living in rented apartments rather than buying property—although this might change slightly thanks to low interest rates and steadily increasing rents. In …