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Our mission is to provide individualised translation, teaching and social media services that optimise our clients’ communications, whether with their partners, employees, clients or prospective customers.

Business English Teaching

An ever- growing number of German companies deal with English speaking partners, suppliers and clients. We help you and your staff develop English language skills, improve fluency and gain confidence. Our Business English courses will meet your company's specific language requirements, ensure quantifiable progress and help you unlock your employees' potentials. Our English for the Workplace programs will transform your business.

Professional Translation

Individualised translation services optimise your communication with your partners, clients and prospective customers. We believe that a translated text should read as naturally, clearly and fluently as if it were an original text rather than a translation. Our translations of your website, newsletters, marketing materials, byline articles, market reports and corporate communications will always respect your target readers, in-house communication style and holistic marketing strategies.

Social Media

Many companies engage with social media, but aren't clear on how it really adds value to their business. Others have shied away from using social media because they are aren't sure of the best way to exploit its potentials. We have over ten years' experience and expertise of launching, managing and growing social media activities for our clients. We can help you develop an effective Social Media strategy, put your plans into action and deliver sustainable growth of your Social Media presence.


Group Courses

Our Business English courses mean that your staff benefit from ongoing support. Our teachers not only help your employees improve their language skills, but also understand their optimal learning styles and develop their independent study skills. There’s no more rewarding feeling than using what has been learned in class in an authentic business situation. Contact us to find out more.

Individual Tuition

For a more personal language learning experience, individual tuition offers you the chance to set your own schedule and specific focus. You have our exclusive attention and full support. Everything we do is designed according to your wishes and needs. This type of course is perfect if you have very specific goals and need to maximise the time you have available. Contact us to find out more.

Workshops & Coaching

Do you or your staff have a meeting or presentation to prepare? Are international visitors on their way and you need to make sure everyone involved has the necessary English skills? Maybe there’s a business trip soon? We can prepare staff for these and other events, offering courses on specific skills such as negotiating, customer service, socialising and small talk. Contact us to find out more.


Newsletters & Blogs

We translate B2B and B2C content aimed at investors, business partners, employees and end-customers. We make sure that our translations reflect your organisation’s communication style, register and voice. The long-term relationships we establish with our clients mean that we can guarantee consistency and reliability. Contact us to find out more.

Corporate Communication

We translate texts for mandatory publications such as interim and ad-hoc reports, as well as corporate news and press releases, as well as all of the texts required for group and company financial reports. We also translate byline articles for CEOs and senior managers, whether for consumer (e.g. newsletters, mass media) or specialist media (e.g. trade journals).

Specialised in Real Estate

We translate for some of Germany’s major real estate companies, market researchers, fund initiators and estate agents. Our expertise means you can be sure your texts are not only technically correct, but that the language and style of the text have been shaped to address your specific audience, whether investors, tenants, journalists or the general public. Contact us to find out more.


Social Media Strategies

In close consultation with you, we can discuss and develop a bespoke social media strategy that is tailored to your specific business activities and requirements. We will not only help you to identify the platforms you should be using, but also make sure that you differentiate yourself from your competitors and position your company optimally. Contact us to find out more.

Social Media Optimisation

You don’t just want to inform your audience, you want to interest, inspire and engage them. We will help you to identify the platforms you should be using, and help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Our services are designed to make sure that your time, energy and budget achieve the best results possible. Contact us to find out more.

Social Media Localisation

We will ensure that your social media activities are tailored to your target readers, customers and partners. This might involve translating and optimising your existing texts, or providing content according to your specifications. Your readers will appreciate content shaped to meet their interests, needs and expectations. Contact us to find out more.